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Tummy Tuck

TUMMY TUCK DUBAI Almost every one of us is fed up with the swelling belly, and we try everything possible to get rid of it. With Medstar’s specific Tummy Tuck procedure, people in Dubai can now put their concerns at bay. The Tummy Tuck procedure at Medstar is handled by renowned experts from all around [...]

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Hair transplantation

BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT DUBAI Hair transplantation is a procedure where the hair which you already have is put or inserted into the pores of the part or area where you have no hair or comparatively thin or less hair. Hair transplant surgery in Dubai is very popular with most men opting to go for it [...]

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LIPOSUCTION IN DUBAI At Medstar, we understand that every person has a different body type and achieving the ideal shape and contour will be unique to each body type and personal choice of preferences. We also understand that some people need special help to get the desired shape and to get along with their body. [...]

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RHINOPLASTY - NOSE JOB DUBAI Noses are such a prominent facial feature, and if you don’t like yours, it can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Also known as a nose job in Dubai, rhinoplasty is a successful surgery in Dubai, and people get this surgery done to alter the size, shape, and angle of your [...]

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