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Dr. Tarun Bhagchandani

Medical Director


Aside from being an anaesthesia specialist with 12 years experience, Dr. Tarun Bhagchandani also provides Medstar with overall medical expertise, particularly with regards to the development of strategic clinical research programmes in line with international strategy and providing support when it comes to local registration and marketing. Dr. Tarun who has worked across India and the Middle East in both hospitals and day-care surgeries, including at Dubai’s Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre as a specialist registrar also assists with clinical research development, participating in conferences and joining the relevant medical committees to analyse medical issues affecting the region and the globe, and ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed at Medstar. Dr. Tarun is also responsible for liaising with key opinion leaders, government officials and healthcare officials, and helps to ensure that significant developments in the medical field are being identified and monitored.

Medstar is a dedicated medical centre that aims to transform lives and heal with passion, compassion and commitment. Our success stems from the devotion and concerted efforts of our incredibly talented and highly skilled medical and support staff that form the backbone of our institution.

You, our patients, are our most important assets, which is why it is our duty to cater to your specific, individual needs with the aim of providing you with safe and effective aesthetic, anti-aging and wellness treatments in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

As a day surgery, it is our duty to educate the general public as to the value and benefits of day surgery. It is incredible that people are now able to have surgery in the morning and then go home in the evening! It’s all thanks to the incredible technology we have at our disposal paired with the highly experienced team that we are privileged to work with on a daily basis. Not only is day-care surgery beneficial in terms of reduced risk of infection, it can also aid healing time and substantially reduce patients’ medical expenses. Day surgery is revolutionising the medical industry and Medstar is a pioneer when it comes to leading the way in the UAE and the region.

Our vision is to achieve the highest standard in the healthcare community through high-quality medical and surgical practices and maintaining a caring commitment to our patients.

We would like to say thank you to our management team, doctors, support team and of course you, our patients, for making Medstar possible. None of this would exist without you.

Thank you,
The Medstar team



Medstar Day Surgical Center will strive to attain the highest levels of clinical infrastructure, service quality and accreditation benchmarks.

The vision of Medstar Day Surgical center is to be recognized as a leading provider of high quality DAY CARE services to meet the rising aspirations of patients and provide the best medical facilities using the latest technology to transform lives.

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