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Nutrition and Dietetics

NUTRITION AND DIETETICS DUBAI Nutrition can be defined as the science of applying principles of nutrition and food science to achieve and maintain health. Medstar’s Nutrition and Dieticians department is our central specialty with highly skilled professionals working to provide you with health and wellness in Dubai. The main aim of our department of Nutritionists [...]

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Family Medicine

FAMILY MEDICINE As the world of health care, we get to notice that there is just one thing that is constant and that is family medicine. With the growing health and wellness conscious in Dubai, Medstar is a one of a kind wellness centre in Dubai. Unlike the other specialties which are usually constrained to [...]

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Internal Medicine

INTERNAL MEDICINE DUBAI Medstar is an integrated healthcare and wellness delivery center in Dubai. Equipped with best in class internal medicine department that offers well-coordinated, value-based care,Our certified internal medicine professionals are well known in Dubai. We provide comprehensive medical attention to all. Internal medicine is the specialty that is dedicated and directed to the [...]

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