Smile Design Procedures (Diastema Closure, Porcelain Veeners/Laminates)

To restore chipped teeth, fill gaps or mask discolouration, consider porcelain veneers. Our dental experts can improve the quality of your smile in just a few visits by placing veneers that have impressive and long-lasting effects. Veneers are thin covers frequently made of porcelain for more grounded results that are formed and solidified to the tooth for a correct fit. On the off chance that you are not a possibility for brightening treatment or are searching for the other option to crowns, talk with one of our dental authorities about porcelain veneers. Our dental specialists will help you locate the best shading, fit, and state of lacquer for your teeth, and can guarantee quality and long haul comes about. Veneers can restore teeth that have damaged by stains or discoloration caused by age, caffeine or tobacco, worn down or chipped teeth, unwanted gaps and spaces between teeth, or damage due to injury or root canal procedures. Medstar offers affordable smile design procedures with veneers at affordable rates in Dubai.

Teeth Whitening (Zoom Bleaching)

Zoom is a blanching procedure broadly utilized all through the nation and around the globe to help staining of lacquer and dentin. Tooth staining may come about because of drinking espresso, tea, cola and red wine, or from smoking. The maturing procedure can likewise recolor and obscure your teeth. The Zoom in-office tooth brightening strategy utilizes the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp said to quicken the dying procedure to actuate a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide brightening framework. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained teeth, leaving the structure of the teeth unchanged. At Medstar, our specialists offer highly effective teeth whitening in Dubai at highly affordable prices.

Crowns and Bridges (Porcelain/Ceramic/Metal Fused)

Crowns and most bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that, unlike removable devices such as dentures that you can take out and clean daily, are cemented onto existing teeth or implants and can only be removed by a dentist. A crown is used to entirely cover or cap a damaged tooth, whereas a bridge is recommended if you’re missing one or more teeth.

Dental Implants

Missing permanent teeth can be embarrassing, but dental implants can help. Primarily small posts that are placed beneath the gum to work as the roots of missing teeth, dental implants are usually fitted with crowns, or artificial teeth, that match your teeth and enhance your smile. An implant can replace one or more teeth and look and feel entirely natural.

For all those looking for getting dental implants in Dubai but are afraid of the costs, Medstar is the right destination. We offer dental implants in Dubai at reasonable expenses.