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Risks and Complications involved in Breast Augmentation

Risks and Complications involved in Breast Augmentation

Risks and Complications involved in Breast Augmentation

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Things you need to Understand before Making the Big Decision
If you’re looking to have enhanced figure, breast implants can be a perfect option. But before you make that decision there are certain things that you need to consider and ask your specialist. This post is going to look at some of the risks and complications that can be involved in a breast augmentation procedure to help you get a better understanding of the overall process.

The Process
Breast augmentation is a comprehensive process of the breast that requires placing of a silicone bag also known as prosthesis under each breast (submammary) or chest muscle (subpectoral). These silicone bags are then filled with salt water to give the cleavage a fuller, rounder and contoured look.

Risks and Complications of the procedure
Infection and Bleeding: Infection is extremely rare but in case infection develops, the implant needs to be removed. The antibiotic treatments do not respond well with implants in place. Your surgeon can place the implant back in after the infectious wound has healed completely. In addition to infection, if bleeding occurs after the surgery, the implant will be removed and placed again after the bleeding stops. Signs of bleeding after the surgery can include pain, swelling and bruising.
Cleavage Asymmetry: Sometimes implants can slip out of their original position and go over to one side. It is extremely rare but in case it happens, you may require surgical repair.
Capsule contracture: This can cause pain and hardening of the breasts which may require an incision in the capsule or a complete removal of the capsule.
Deflation: Breast implants can deflate due weakness in the valve area. This could occur due to incomplete inflation and require surgical repair.
Cancer: According to the research by FDA, breast implants can cause Lymphoma. However, it is extremely rare.
Calcifications: Implants that are in place for years in the patient can cause calcification in the capsule. These calcifications are easy to detect and can be treated once they are diagnosed.

How to Reduce the Chances of Complications
Breast augmentation is a complex procedure and requires specialized training on part of the surgeon. A professionally trained surgeon understands these risks and complications and takes steps before, during, and after the procedure to ensure that the patients recover without developing any complications.
Before making the decision, contact your consultant and discussed your options. Your consultant will take a look at your medical history and devise a plan for your implant surgery. You need to inform your consultant surgeon about serious health conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and Kidney problems to ensure that he has taken into account every single health detail to help you make an informed decision.
Breast augmentation is one of the most widely performed cosmetic procedures in Dubai and around the world. The above-mentioned risks and complications are extremely rare and only occur in cases where you get yourself into wrong hands. Finding a reliable cosmetic facility and experienced surgeons should be your number one priority in case you decide to get implants. Experienced medical staff and surgeons will take care of your every need throughout the process to ensure that you recover painlessly without any complications.

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