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Dr. Mohamed Azzam Kayasseh

Dr. Mohamed Azzam Kayasseh

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Dr. Mohamed Azzam Kayasseh

Specialist Gastroenterology

Dr. Kayasseh mission is to provide a unique medical service which offers superior care of a human being while achieving a standard of accurate diagnosis, maintenance of care and follow up of treatment to retain the highest quality of life as his Patients are his Life and his Truth. With his wealth of experience, Dr. Kayasseh delivers a quality practice for his patients in upper and lower endoscopy and liver disorders. He has been serving his patients in United Arab Emirates since 1979
He started his dream (Liver Transplantation in Dubai, UAE) since a couple of years and now he is the Medical Director of Dr. Kayasseh Liver Transplantation Project
which is affiliated with the International Liver Centers. He has succeeded in a couple of cases that achieve a new life and a new hope for his patients. He is the Chairman of the Physician Professional Committee- ILTEZAM (Codes of Ethics).
Dr. Kayasseh is actively involved in the education committee of WEO nationally and internationally, and he is in International Relation Committee of ACG. Dr. Kayasseh is the Founder and President of Dubai Endoscopic Forum. Now, he is working on new classification of Barrett’s Esophagus Project using new advance endoscopic technologies.

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Areas of expertise

  • Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopic Management Of Early Cancer
  • Capsule Endoscopy
  • Endoscopic Treatment Of Obesity
  • Celiac Disease Screening
  • B.D.I. Screening
  • Viral Hepatitis Screening
  • Liver Cancer Screening
  • Esophageal Cancer Screening
  • Stomach Cancer Screening
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Biliary ducts Cancer Screening
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