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Health comes about when the body, mind and spirit are in complete harmony. Medstar’s experts will help you achieve a balanced and healthy life by offering you an individualistic approach to your wellness needs, suggesting treatments that perfectly suit your age and lifestyle. For further information, please call 043577877.

family medicieFamily Medicine

Medstar’s family medicine team is passionate about forming lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. Our physicians integrate the biological, clinical and behavioural sciences to provide holistic healthcare that encompasses people of all ages and sexes and covers each organ system and every disease.

nutritionNutrition and Dietetics

Food is at the core of a healthy life, which is why Medstar is so passionate about encouraging its patients to eat well. Our specialists understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why our nutritionists will encourage you to undergo a complete nutritional assessment that will help them to determine the type of diet that would best suit you and your individual body type.

internalInternal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine is one of Medstar’s core specialties that provides comprehensive patient well-being. It focuses on preventive care, diagnosis and treatment for problems from the common to the not so common and comprises several health concerns, from asthma to metabolic diseases, headaches to hypertension. Our team places emphasis on preventative treatments and healthy lifestyle practices that help to combat illness.

Our Medical Services Include:

      • Comprehensive Medical Screening Wellness Clinic
      • Wellness Clinic
      • Anti Aging Medicine
      • Hypertension
      • Diabetes Mellitus
      • Thyroid Disorder
      • Autoimmune Disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis
      • Sleep Disorders
      • Obesity and Metabolic Disorder
      • Anaemia
      • Dyspepsia, Peptic Ulcer and Irritable Bowel Disease
      • Acute Chronic Respiratory Conditions
      • Geriatric Care

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